The truth about your beautiful life

This week’s good news comes on Saturday with the gorgeous New Moon in Libra!

This is sublime and delicious. A time to celebrate balance and beauty in our lives.

The culmination of this month’s hard works makes us aware of the need for more tenderness.

Cultivate suppleness and beauty in whatever you do. Channel any ambient anxiety into something carefree and lively.

Dare to be optimistic. An abundance of ideas come now that could solve the thorniest relationship issues.

If you’re not intentional though this day could pass you by. Talk it out when you can. Have tough meetings. Negotiate. It’ll be easier now.

But that’s only part of the astrological story this week.

We’ve spent the week unwinding 2019’s most troublesome conflicts and challenges.

Wherever your life seems most confusing, self-defeating and unreal, you get one last reminder of what needs to be confronted and clarified.

Wherever you’ve gotten stuck in old patterns, refused to release the past or resisted stepping into a new role, you feel a sort of ‘now-or-never’ urgency to let go and move on.

This is how we experience the last exact square Jupiter-Neptune and the last exact conjunction of Saturn-South Node. Sagittarius-Gemini, Capricorn-Capricorn and Pisces-Virgo dominant folks have been feeling this shift most intensely.

We’re all facing some kind of rude awakening in 2019, though. We’re all confronting where we’ve fooled ourselves (Jupiter square Neptune). We’ve all made sacrifices for that poor judgment (Saturn-South Node conjunct.)

Time to look up and acknowledge the beauty all around us. Take a breath. Your life is in these small moments.


Thurs. Sept. 26

More tricky interactions today. Our minds turn to old traumas, resentments. Be mindful of manipulations or power plays. Not the best day for meetings.

· Mercury square Pluto at 20 Libra-Capricorn

· Sun opposite Chiron at 3 Libra-Aries

Sat. Sept. 28

A breath of fresh air after an intense week. This is our opportunity to reclaim a sense of balance. Open yourself to the possibility that everything is going to be alright. Seek beauty. Show someone what it feels like to be loved.

· New Moon 2° Libra

· New Moon opposite Chiron

· New Moon Quincunx Uranus

· Venus sextile Jupiter

Sun. Sept. 29

All that tension from earlier this week seems to flitter away on butterfly wings. Our minds turn to lovely things and we’re more available for compromise. Plant seeds for your relationships today. Set intentions around how you’d like your life to look in six months. Where would you like to cultivate more balance and beauty?

· Venus-Mercury conjunct 19° Libra

· Jupiter-Neptune square ends

Mon. Sept. 30

This is the end of a year-long period of reckoning. Grieve the loss. Let yourself go quiet. Reflect on all that has been. Release the need to control your experience and just surrender.

· Moon in Scorpio

· Venus square Pluto at 20° Libra

· Saturn-South Node at 13 Cap – last conjunction of this of the year

Gina Piccalo