The thing about all-or-nothing, is that it leaves you with nothing.

It's time to get serious — even though the Leo rising in me hates to say it.

Yes, we're still in let's-not-fight Libra season. But Scorpio has cast her penetrating gaze our way already.

Prepare for a thorough investigation of our complexities and defense mechanisms.

This is Mercury entering Scorpio on Oct. 3, where he stays until Dec. 8, launching a process of deep, self-inquiry, strategic problem-solving and intense negotiation that could last through the end of the year.

This is all-or-nothing thinking. It’s a criminal mind and a wicked tongue.

It’s also the transcendent power that comes from conquering our own demons.

So here we go folks: October.

The problem with this month is anxiety, really. There are crucial decisions to make. Yet we can't choose. This is Mars in Libra starting Oct. 3.

It could be that your decision gets made for you with a sudden change on Oct. 7 as Mercury opposes Uranus in Taurus. An unexpected shift in the world at large could shake our sense of trust. (Hello, Impeachment.)

Our approach to money and relationships becomes more strategic and less optimistic as Venus enters Scorpio on Oct. 8. We’re confronted with our core wound, our Achilles heel as Mars, the ancient ruler of Scorpio, opposes Chiron on Oct. 9.

We begin to circle the wagons. Protect what’s ours.

Watch for jealousy, resentment and obsessive thinking as Mercury enters its Retrograde Shadow on Oct. 11. Instead, take time for forgiveness. Self-compassion around perceived failures is also key.

Whatever comes up around this time will be processed for the next six weeks. Channel this energy toward a close look at where you micro-manage and obsess.

As we near the Full Moon at 20° Aries on Oct. 13, drama amplifies.

There could be some culmination of events that began the first week of April. Where did you suddenly change course for a fresh start? Where did you harness your courage to initiate something entirely new?

Best case scenario, those efforts are rewarded with success. More likely, though, any simmering issues could reach a crescendo now. This is intense and possibly explosive energy. Everyone could be feeling emotional and triggered.

Just pace yourselves. Stay grounded. Use this power for growth.

With all this Scorpio energy, extremes are seductive. Just remember, all-or-nothing can leave you with nothing. Choose discernment over destruction.


·      Mercury into Scorpio, Oct. 3

·      Mercury opposes Uranus, Oct. 7

·      Venus into Scorpio, Oct. 8

·      Mercury enters Shadow, Oct. 11

·      Mercury sextile Saturn, Oct. 13

·      Oct. 13—FULL Moon 20° Aries square Pluto

·    Mercury sextile Saturn, 14° Scorpio-Capricorn

·    Sun sextile Jupiter, 19° Libra-Sagittarius

Gina Piccalo