Why you need to pay attention to Friday's Full Moon

Remember the first week of March? Anyone? Let’s refresh.

Some aspect of life was threatening to come undone. You were forced to reckon with a situation you over-idealized. A reset button was pushed.

By mid-June, that reset was in full force. You took a leap of faith. Tough decisions were made. This could have demanded a huge sacrifice. You probably had to cut your losses in some way.

Around Aug. 30, you got down to the business of this new reality, of making it your new normal.

This week, on this weekend’s Pisces Full Moon, the decision you made back in early March, that seed you planted — finally blooms.

You harvest the creation of that moment. You get a clear sense of how far you’ve come in a short time. You see how much of your reality has been completely transformed since Spring.

This may trigger some disillusionment or residual grief. Emotional breakdowns may be necessary to fully process everything. Or maybe you just finally surrender to the exhaustion of it all.

Either way, this lunation demands some quiet reflection. Some time in the bathtub.

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In these moments, though, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll see that everything turned out better than you expected.  

WEEKLY POWER DAYS for Sept. 11-18

Mars square Jupiter— Thurs. Sept. 12: Go big or go home is the motto for this day. Further your ambitions and achieve a hard-won goal.

Sun trine Pluto — Fri. Sept 13: Your will is so strong today you may feel you can move mountains. But try to set aside intractable decisions for another day.

 Full Moon in Pisces — Fri./Sat. Sept. 13-14: A mixed bag of intensity and over idealism. Emotions run very high right now. You may want to belly up to the bar to numb out. Instead, take a long bubble bath. Write some poetry. Order in and Netflix.

Venus and Mercury into Libra — Sat. Sept. 14: This is the elegant and diplomatic prelude to the coming Libra Season. Beautify your life. Relationship talks are easier now. The intensity of the week eases and we’re more open to compromise.