May 2018 Forecast

Welcome to your breakthrough month, people! May marks a turning point for us all and the first of a series of dramatic shifts coming through this summer. 

The intensity and slog of April took a lot out of everyone. You may feel a bit drained or even discouraged as we head into what will certainly be a new paradigm in the spring-summer of 2018. Give yourself permission to take it slow and steady through May 7.

After that, strap on your goggles and brace for liftoff on May 15, one of the most dramatic days of the year.

We'll have five planets changing signs during one week - May 13-20- setting us up for a steady current of adjustments. Also on May 15, Mars moves into rebel Aquarius, firing up your DIY spirit for an extended period.

Usually, Mars changes signs every six weeks. However this year, Mars goes retrograde June 26-Aug. 27, giving us five months of erratic and revolutionary drive and ambition.

Another radical shift on May 15 is Uranus changing signs for the first time since 2010. When an outer planet moves, we notice. This time, we have Mercury, Mars and a New Moon at 24° Taurus amplifying the transition. Drive extra carefully that day.

These could spell economic shifts, feminist breakthroughs or another hacking crisis. Look for the number of mass protests to spike through the summer.

But take heart! There's cosmic magic coming our way too.

Glowing aspects May 17-18 could bring happy accidents, out-of-the-blue opportunities or support, a grounded sense of purpose and the ability to manifest your plans.

There's a transcendent new aspect of life opening to all of us this month. Be sure to catch that kite by the tail.

Here are a few dates this week to keep in mind:

  • Whatever projects, negotiations or ideas you abandoned around March 22 will be ready to be reclaimed after May 3when the Mercury Retrograde shadow period finally ends.
  • Take some time to relax and let go this weekend. There's a dreamy escapism available to us all May 5-6 with the Sun in Taurus sextile Neptune in Pisces.
  • Early Monday, May 8, you may be confronted with issues that have been simmering for a while. You could hammer out some thorny disagreements on this day. Strive for clarity, rather than manipulation and you're likely to make good progress.