Mercury and Venus in Aries

If Monday feels especially sluggish to you, you are not alone. Last week’s Full Moon swelled with purposeful depth and meaning. Some of us may feel drained from all the inner work. Never fear, though, we’re about to get an espresso shot of Aries energy.

We are slowly reaching the end cycle of the astrological calendar—which mirrors nature’s cycle— as evidenced by the tiny shoots of spring appearing in the ground. This signals a moment of integration of the last year’s experience. We are coming full circle, with a year’s worth of growth under our belt.

Whatever we started this time last year is nearing integration and by the Spring Equinox March 20, we will be preparing for the Next Big Thing.

So enjoy the last bits of this Piscean daydream from now until then. Take time to honor your progress. Take life as it comes this week, if you can.

As Mercury blast into Aries on Tuesday, your brain may be suddenly firing on all cylinders. With Venus right behind it, impulse purchases and ardent declarations of love could be hard to resist now. And there’s more ebullience to come.

Jupiter stations Retrograde on Thursday for four months, offering us opportunities for productive soul searching.

Sunday could bring exciting surprises. You may have an opportunity to achieve a hard-won goal that brings a profound sense of empowerment. We’re headed toward a miraculous Pisces New Moon on March 17. So brace yourself for good things!