Duran Duran Was Right: The New Moon on Monday

Just like Duran Duran promised, there’s a New Moon on Monday.

School’s out and so are the lightning bugs.

Which means I’m gearing up for my THIRD move in three years —the 21st move of my life.

Thanks Natal Mars in the 4th house!

(Mars = Action. Fourth House = Where you live.)

This New Moon is in Gemini — astrology for Can’t-Sit-Still.

The airports are packed. The freeways are jammed. We’re all going in different directions.

Because, SUMMER.

Gemini loves the thrill of new experiences.

Our curiosity and versatility are exaggerated thanks to this New Moon’s opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Time to set intentions that expand your mind.

Explore new ways of thinking about your life.

Words and ideas are Gemini’s currency.

It’s the sign of the Pun Master, the Book Worm and Bob Dylan.

With the New Moon and Mercury in Gemini, our minds may feel like they’re pinging around in the dark.

So many errands to run, so much social media to feed, so little focus. Anxiety happens.

Tune into your relationships for grounding.

Love is everything.

It flows deeply and with meaning on Sunday, June 2  (Venus in Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn) — just as we prepare for this intellectual reframe.

By Friday, June 7, our chances of a real breakthrough — even quantum downloads — are high as Mercury sextiles Uranus.

This is a sudden stroke of genius.  

Or, idle chitchat over a bubbly Kir Royale that winds up solving the meaning of life.

Speaking of tangents, everything feels a little gauzy and dream-like in June.

Miracles can happen.

Especially from June 14-21 — when Neptune and Jupiter show up at Saturn’s office with some cannabinoid gummies and tickets to Bonaroo.  

Maybe it’s time to free up some head space. (No judgment as to how.)

Because, July is going to be one of the most dramatic months of the year.

We’ll need all the clarity and imagination we can muster then.

For now, though, put your pie-in-the-sky ideas down on paper.  

Pour all you’ve learned from the last six months into something new.

Listen. The answers will come in surprising form.

Gina Piccalo