What You Need to Know About Tuesday's Solar Eclipse

Are you feeling it? That energetic wobble? That liminal space?

We’re between eclipses. Where life feels raw. Where structures breakdown. To create space for miracles.

Tuesday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse at 10° Cancer is actually a moment when we reckon with our inner child.

This eclipse has a two-week window of effectiveness.

When the vitality of the Sun is overshadowed by the Moon, our Inner Mother and Inner Father are battling it out.

IMHO, it’s a toss up. Nowhere is this more evident than on the world stage.

 On the one hand, Divine Mother is winning. (See Miley Cyrus’ new single. See AOC at the detention centers. Kamala Harris at the debates)

On the other, the Shadow Father is persistent and determined. (See Border Patrol abuses. The DMZ handshake.)

Politics aside, we can all agree we’ve reached a major turning point.

We have a choice between the way we’ve always done things and the more loving path.

Mass enlightenment starts with the individual. With how you feel about yourself. Whatever self-compassion and self-awareness you cultivate In. This. Moment. ripples out into the world and shifts us all back to love.

Some of you are finding new ways to love yourself now. You’re digging deep to resolve the past.

You’re realizing the futility of a dead-end situation.

You’re asking: Why do  I refuse myself nurturing?

You’re realizing the heartbreaking outcome of ignoring your own needs, of driving yourself too hard.

Maybe you’re softening your heart.

Ride this eclipse vortex to what really matters. Love.