Top Five Ways to Survive Tuesday's Eclipse

Eclipse season is upon us. Get ready for an energetic consciousness cleanse.


1) Remain calm. This is an emotional time for all of us. Feelings will be all over the place.

This is the third eclipse of the year — a total Solar Eclipse at the New Moon at 10° Cancer. So all you folks with points, planets and angles at Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — look alive now. This isn't the time to zone out.

2) Postpone any irreversible launches, decisions, purchases or key meetings, if you can. (I'm telling everyone to shoot for Aug. 1 or later. Or at least July 18.)

People and animals and technology get weird around eclipses. It's like a vortex opens and we can suddenly get from point A to point B at warp-speed. Sometimes this is awesome. Sometimes, it just accelerates a bad idea. The slower the better this time of year.

3) Stay in touch with your feelings. Have a good cry, if that seems in order. Circle your wagons and cuddle up with people you trust. Netflix is your friend. Three words: Epsom salt baths.

In the sign of the Divine Mother, expect your own inner child to make herself/himself known. You may find your diet goes out the window. Nurturing those less fortunate than you is an ideal remedy for any self-pity that comes up.

4) Be kind. Rewind. Release old grudges. Tune in to love.

Expect some warning shots on the evening of July 1. That's when Mars crashes into Leo and nearly bumps into Mercury, which stations Retrograde July 7. Time to clear the dance floor, folks. Recipe for drama. Or like the kids say, Tea will be spilled.

5) Nostalgia has its limits. Use what you’ve learned to cut a new path.

Cancers are famously sentimental. Sometimes they can lock on to an idea of the past that leaves them feeling eternally wounded. This Cancer eclipse tempts us toward melancholy. The way out is a realistic plan.

Use this energy to cultivate vulnerability and self-care. Find a safe space to feel all the feels of the last six months.

Out of this experience will come new growth. And lasting wisdom.