Venus Retrograde and The Dark Feminine

One of the hardest things to do is stay open to possibility and positive change when we’re feeling wounded and afraid. But that’s exactly what the universe is guiding us to do in the next few weeks. Women, especially.

We’ve entered the season of the harvest, the month of Libra. All the ideas and efforts sown throughout 2018—whether enlightened or unconscious  — are being borne out in reality. For better and worse.

This year, the dark feminine has cast her shadow over the proceedings.

We’re confronted with issues of balance, of entitlement, of trust and betrayal. Surrender to your own depths now. Look closer. Listen to your own suffering with your whole heart. Ask yourself the tough questions.

Are you betraying yourself in relationship? Where are you denying your own grief? Where are you ignoring your own righteous anger? Are you projecting your shadow — your own unresolved shame, prejudice, envy — onto your adversaries?

Self-compassion is essential here. We cannot move forward with strength until we confront our own wounds and readily release the parts of ourselves that are not loving.

For much of October, Venus Retrogrades (Oct. 5-Nov. 16) and squares Black Moon Lilith and Mars in Aquarius (esp. Oct. 17). Relationships and all their thorny complexities will preoccupy us during the coming weeks. Temper the intensity with moments of solitude.

These aspects conjure up She Who Devours. This is the energy of Kali Ma and her ancient sisters Hecate, Eris, Pele and Inanna. This is the fomenting rage of the female masses. Look for more surprise revelations around sexual assault. More public shaming. Just in time for the midterms.

As an antidote, find time to gather with your best female friends. Surround yourself with loving companions and cultivate more love for yourself. Sincerity and trust are your rewards.