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This is the year spirituality meets pragmatism. Healing becomes heroic. Nurturing takes the place of striving. This is the year we remember what’s good. We get back to what matters. A sense of belonging. The beauty of truth. We commit to unconditional love. This is the year, we forgive ourselves so we can forgive each other.

This is what the astrology of 2019 tells me.

I’m sure it has something to say to you, too.

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was a storyteller before I became an astrologer. Like a lot of journalists, I had a weird, unsettled childhood. The clarity and structure of a good story was the antidote to my angst. First, I was a bookworm. Then I became a reporter.

At the Los Angeles Times, I interviewed movie stars, beloved gurus and great thinkers in hopes of pinpointing their essential truths. But it was only when I studied their astrology in private that I found the authentic connection with them I craved.

When it came time to reconcile my own history, I wrote a memoir. That deep self-study led me to more formal astrology instruction at Kepler College where I earned my certification and learned techniques that unlocked the mysteries of myself.

Now as an astrological coach, I bring all my experience to help clients organize their own stories. As a result, they're more comfortable and satisfied with themselves and better connected to one another. I've done this at NBC Universal's corporate retreats and one-on-one with executives, entrepreneurs, psychologists, healers and creatives.

You have a story of your own. I can help you find it.

"Great to work with you! The team really enjoyed the experience. Thank you and I hope to work together again soon!"

NBC Senior Vice President


"Everything we talked about came to pass.
I am so happy, and you were instrumental in laying out the path."

Huffington Post Executive

"It’s as though she’s reading my deepest thoughts and giving me guidance among the most intangible. Too many times to count an event occurred very close to how Gina suggested it would happen."

Former Hulu Marketing Executive


"You’ve helped me more than you know. For all the kicks in the gut the universe gives us, it also seems to give us what and WHO we need to get through it. I’m so grateful to have met you."

Law Partner


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