The Zodiac


Aries, the Daredevil

The Warrior. The Pioneer. Impatient. Bold. Blunt. Brave. Independent. Daring. Fire Sign. Cardinal. First House of identity. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action. Named after Greek and Roman gods of war Ares and Mars.  


Taurus, the Epicurean

The Earth Spirit. Persevering. Steady. Strong-willed. Possessive. Sensual. Ruled by Venus. Second House of self-worth and values.  Associated with the myth of Cerus, the bull and the goddess of spring, Persephone.  


Gemini, the Storyteller

The Journalist. Chatty. Curious. Changeable. Social. Restless. Intellectual. Tech-savvy. Observant. Detached.  The Third House of communications and thinking. Associated with the Greek myth of Zeus' twin sons, Pollux and Castor.


Cancer, the Nurturer

The Healer. The Mother. Gentle. Sensitive. Nostalgic. Moody. Manipulative. Home body. Controlling. Ruled by the Moon. Fourth House of family and home. Associated with the Greek goddess Diana, the pagan Mother Earth and the Greek myth of giant crab Crios who fought to protect Poseidon's daughters. 


Leo, the Queen

The King. The Performer. The Child. The Clown. Loyal. Regal. Self-important. Self-aware. Expressive. Generous. Ruled by the Sun. Fifth house of fun and romance. Associated with Greek myth of the giant lion with the impenetrable hide who guards Zeus' shrine. 


Virgo, the Perfectionist

The Martyr. The Servant. Organized. Service-oriented. Analytical. Self-critical. Ruled by Mercury. Sixth house of work, health and skill. Latin for "self-contained" or "self-sufficient." Myth of the "Great Goddess," the caretaker of mankind and Astraea, the virgin goddess of justice.



Libra, the Peacemaker

The Artist. Harmonious. Compromising. Indecisive. Beauty-loving. Seeks a partner. Ruled by Venus. Seventh house of partnership. Linked to the scales held by Astraea, the virgin goddess of justice. Relationship-oriented.


Scorpio, the Detective

The Hypnotist. Fatalistic. Resilient. Intense. Sexual. Complex. Obsessive. Rule by Mars and Pluto. Greek myth of giant scorpion created by Gaia to defend Orion. Aztec myth of Tenochititlan, which was built where the god of the Sun, War and Human Sacrifice dictated: precisely where the eagle devoured a snake on a cactus. Eighth house of the occult, death, intimacy and crisis.


Sagittarius, the student

The Philosopher. The Gypsy. The Bon Vivant. Direct. Restless. Blunt. Non-committal. Ruled by Jupiter. Ninth House of higher education, publishing, metaphysics, law. The myth of Crotus, a satyr, musician and hunter often mistaken for Centaurus. 


Capricorn, the prime minister

The Father. Ambitious. Traditional. Discerning. High integrity. Hard worker. Ruled by Saturn. Tenth house of career, parents, authority. Myth of immortal Pricus, the father of an intelligent and honorable race of Sea-Goats who has the ability to reverse time.


Aquarius, the genius

The Revolutionary. The Astrologer. The Eccentric. Rebellious. Friendly. Detached. Ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Eleventh House of friends, politics, wishes and goals. Myth of Ganymeade, Zeus' rebellious slave who pours out all Zeus' water of the gods, flooding the world.


Pisces, the dreamer

The Mystic. The Poet. Emotional. Empathic. Vulnerable. Spiritual. Ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Myth of Aphrodite and Eros who escape the monster Typhon by becoming fish. Twelfth House of unconscious, hidden strengths, institutions and self-undoing.