ARIES or Aries rising  

As this year opens, you may be reaching a moment of mastery in your career as Saturn crosses  your Midheaven and spends the next two and a half years in your 10th house. Be prepared to embrace responsibility and harness your hard-won wisdom, particularly in January and mid August through September. This year, a seven-year identity crisis may feel as if it's winding down as Uranus leaves your 1st house in May. You may have learned to assert yourself in new ways, perhaps through a series of shock-and-awe encounters with others. Now all that dynamism is integrated into your sense of self-confidence, invigorating and shifting your values and even how you spend money. Meanwhile, in April, you begin a new seven-year journey, this one focused on healing unresolved issues around identity and the ways you assert yourself. You have cleared the path for a new level of self-awareness and starting in April, you'll have more opportunities to be vulnerable and open to compassion. On a day to day basis this year, you probably began 2018 battling over shared resources, whether with a partner or the IRS. Or maybe you’ve just been managing a series of financial crises. In February, there's the possibility of long distance travel that could give you some escape from the drama. Or it could be you’re just consumed with esoteric studies or other high-minded pursuits. By March, though, you may want to stay tucked away. Mercury will retrograde through Aries from March 22-April 15, creating opportunity for abundant misunderstandings. As your chart ruler Mars moves across Saturn and your Midheaven, career issues will likely surface, particularly March 29-April 8. At that point, your time is probably better spent alone in concentration rather than trying to work with others. By May, though, you may get a wish granted that offers you more escape from the burdens of responsibility with Jupiter trine Neptune May 12-June 6 and then again Aug. 14-30. Be mindful that you don't slip into wishful thinking particularly around issues of intimacy and shared income during that time. Try to stay grounded. Mars retrogrades through your 11th and back into your 10th house, from June 26 to Aug. 14, creating a higher chance of confrontations and opportunities to reassess  your goals. Summer is not the best time to launch new professional endeavors. But it's an ideal moment to strategize and refine your plans. From June through November, it’s likely you’ll be making grounded decisions about how you earn money and what needs to change to be more aligned with your integrity. It could be that you’re ready to take your business to the next level.


TAURUS or Taurus Rising  

When you look back on 2018, you may see it as a period of endings and new beginnings, particularly in the area of career vs. home. This year’s eclipses —  Jan. 31, Feb. 15,  July 27 and Aug. 11 —are calling for dramatic shifts in how you operate professionally. This could mark a change in status for the better as you let go of what’s not working and plot a course forward, toward your more authentic self. There’s a tremendous amount of wisdom available to you now as Saturn spends the next two and a half years culling your beliefs and discarding the ones that no longer serve you. This process will only prove challenging when you resist the forces calling for release. You could find letting go is easier during August and September than any other time this year. Your greatest lessons may come while traveling long distances or while studying foreign cultures. Another manifestation of Saturn in the 9th is that you could be poised to pursue an advanced degree or maybe even teach a class yourself. Whatever the venue, you’ll have myriad opportunities to clarify your highest ideals and share your wisdom. One of the best periods to spend in contemplation comes March 22 to April 15 as Mercury retrogrades in your 12th house. This calls for a period of retreat and renewal to preserve your well-being. On May 16, Uranus enters your sign where the Great Awakener will remain through November. This is an invitation to embrace change and be available for life-altering breakthroughs. This is just a preview of what’s to come when Uranus moves back into Taurus in March 2019 and stays through 2025. This summer is ripe for change and review with Mars mucking up career issues and demanding further reassessment from June 26 to Aug. 27. At the same time, you’ll have Mercury retrograding through your home and family sector from July 23 to Aug. 19, demanding repairs around the house and creating misunderstandings with relatives. Summer isn’t the best time to negotiate with a boss.  Rather than battle your way through, you may want to channel this energy into career planning and research. Committed relationships are a key area of focus this year. Through Nov. 9, you’ll have Jupiter bringing joy and abundance to this part of your life. You’ll have moments of tremendous optimism and renewal in January and September. And there are abundant opportunities for romance from May 25 through June 13 and again Aug. 11-25. But later in the year, from Oct. 5 to Dec. 6, issues around joint resources and intimacy could cause stress or prompt a crisis. Rather than beat your head against a wall trying to prove your point, use this time to listen more and talk less. Review your finances and set boundaries. Avoid spending unnecessarily and use a little more patience with your partner. By year’s end, you could reach a new level of self-awareness, particularly in what you value and how you communicate in relationship.


GEMINI or Gemini Rising  

Your greatest lessons this year surround issues of give and take. You’re called to assess boundaries and release old inhibitions around sharing. In many ways, you could shed a tremendous amount of baggage this year. This is the beginning of a two and a half year cycle as Saturn transits your 8th house, bringing wisdom into the area of intimacy and shared resources. These lessons could be especially uncomfortable during the Mars retrograde from June 26 through Aug. 27. But there's also enlightenment to be had as surprising confrontations lead you to refreshing conclusions, especially from Aug. 21 to Sept. 21. This year's eclipses are calling on you to make sudden changes to the way you think and even what you believe. Eclipses on Jan. 31 and Aug. 11 could cause some technological difficulties and dramatic misfires and misunderstandings. The eclipses on Feb. 15 and July 27 may have you bound for foreign territories or confronted with another culture. On July 12, the Cancer Lunar Eclipses offers a lovely moment for renewing your sense of self-worth or perhaps you'll get a surprise boost in income. From May through November, you’ll get a preview of the breakthroughs that await you in 2019 through 2025 as Uranus moves into your 12th house. It’s possible that your unconscious motivations are finally revealed, bringing a clearer sense of self. You may find yourself more driven to work for the underserved in the role of humanitarian. In January and again May through September, you could find your work especially satisfying, enabling a tremendous amount of growth and transformation. Your health could be especially robust during this year, just be mindful of hosting Jupiter, the planet of expansion and over-indulgence, in your house of health, as you will through November. Your professional achievements could result in a dream come true or at the very least, a period when you’re job performance is idealized by your higher-ups from May 25 to June 13 and again Aug. 11-25. Pay close attention to this year’s Mercury Retrogrades as they’re always loudest for your Mercury-ruled chart. Goals and social networks will be up for review from March 22 to April 15. Your thinking could feel especially clouded and your ability to get things done thwarted by myriad snafus as Mercury retrogrades your 3rd house from July 26 through Aug. 19. Creative differences on the job could stifle your sense of self-expression during the Venus retrograde from Oct. 5 through Nov. 16. It’s also possible that issues with children could arise, demanding more patience than usual. On Nov. 9, Jupiter moves into your house of committed partnerships and marriage for a yearlong stay, bringing abundance and joy and off-setting the frustration of the Mercury retrograde here from Nov. 17 to Dec. 6. By year’s end you will have clarified some goals and relationships. 



Cancer or Cancer Rising   

After hosting Uranus, the Great Awakener in your career sector for the last seven years, you’re about to get some relief from the constant shake-ups. This year, you’re likely integrating and fine-tuning much of that change. Uranus moves into a more stable and secure Taurus from May to November this year and then again from March 2019 to 2025. While this shift may spell uncertainty in the financial markets, you may experience the change as electrifying to your goals, pushing the boundaries of what you think is really possible and even making some dreams come true. Meanwhile, Saturn in your relationship house brings a sense of commitment and stability to partnership for the next two and a half years. It could also cause you to cut ties with relationships that aren’t working and confront ways certain people take more than they give. This year’s eclipses – Jan. 31, Feb. 15 and again June 26, important to consider for your Moon-ruled sign -— activate issues of self-worth and give and take, prompting flashes of awareness and sudden endings. You may also use those lunations to reassess your shared finances, particularly during the Mercury Retrograde March 22 to April 15, as well as July 13- Aug. 27.  Take note of the potency of a healing available at the partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12. Soak up this nourishing energy. It could be an oasis in an otherwise thorny summer cycle that revives issues from August 2017. You could be called to cut ties with a part of yourself that no longer works, setting your soul free. This could be a moment of reckoning where issues of assertiveness are concerned. The year began with a potent and lovely New Moon on Jan. 17 activating your sense of identity in a way that should culminate with the Full Moon in Cancer on Dec. 22. New Moons may be particularly healing, renewing your faith on the career front in March in a way that culminates in August and planting the seeds for a new creative project that may bear fruit in November and in 2019. Full Moons this year could push you to confront issues related to your family on March 31, your marriage or long-term partner on June 28 and your career on Sept. 25. Venus stations retrograde in your house of fun, creative endeavor and romance in October, which means this isn’t the ideal time to start a new relationship. However, you could resolve some issues with creative expression or even those revolving around children. By Halloween, the relationship drama could turn back to family, resolving in some ways by Dec. 18. November could be tricky at work as Mercury retrogrades in your work sector, backing up into your 5th house of fun. Roll with the punches if you can, knowing that you’ve got Jupiter on your side on the job front, starting Nov. 9 and lasting a whole year.



LEO or Leo Rising  

As a Sun-ruled sign, this year’s retrogrades and eclipse series will be especially important to your evolution. The Leo-Aquarius axis – which in your chart is the “me/them” area is being called forth with eclipses Jan. 31, Feb. 15, July 27 and Aug. 11, as well as by Mars Retrograde June 26-Aug. 14 and Mercury Retrograde July 23-Aug. 19. These planetary shifts are bringing you back to yourself. You’re shedding another skin, debuting a new, wiser version of your public identity. The Jan. 31 Total Super Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in your sign could have spotlighted how you see yourself in relationships. This could activate issues from February and August 2017, and will continue to be a theme this year and in 2019. Think back to 1998-2000 and 2008-2009 as these were the most recent times when this eclipse cycle was active. It’s likely those periods marked major life turning points for you. And the 2017-2019 cycle will as well. On Feb. 15, around the partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius, you’ll have support for difficult conversations around commitment with a serious partner, either business or romantic. There’s opportunity for real breakthrough and profound healing around that eclipse as well. The partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12— taking place just as Mercury retrogrades over your sense of identity and ego, and Mars retrogrades through your partnerships—could serve as a balm on your soul. Use this to retreat and renew. You’re growing by leaps and bounds right now and time for rest is crucial. Volatility, revelation and sudden change in your sense of yourself as well as how you operate in partnerships could come with the July 27 Total Full Moon eclipse in Aquarius which is closely attached to the Mars-Mercury retrogrades as well as the Great Awakener Uranus. You may need to release someone to free the both of you. Your emerging identity and the way you’re communicating it may be misunderstood, making co-workers uncomfortable or prompting a power struggle around the Aug. 11 Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo. But Jupiter and Neptune will grant you the optimism and belief in yourself needed to guide you through this rocky period. Your work and career could consume a considerable amount of energy this year as Uranus brings dynamism and change and Saturn tests your resolve and amplifies your mastery. Along the way, Jupiter may have you feathering your nest this year, and also reconnecting with family when your busy work schedule allows. As Venus Retrogrades in your fourth house from Oct. 5 to Oct. 31, you could be grappling with women in your family or simply redecorating. From Nov. 1 to Nov. 16, use patience with everyone but particularly in romantic conflicts, with creative endeavors and with children. Prepare for a dynamic and interesting year! You are on the cusp of a new life path.


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  

After a two and half year period of strenuous growth and maturity, much of which probably felt draining, you’re entering a year of integration. It’s likely you’re ready to take the lessons of the past two and half years that swept away old people, places and things and maybe even prompted a move or renovation, and integrate them into a new way of being. That’s not to say it won’t be busy. Until March 9, you’ll have the best chance of making progress all year. After that, you’ll probably be in editing mode, particularly where work-home balance is concerned. Eclipses and summer Mars-Mercury retrogrades in your 6th-12th house axis, amplify changes to your routine and call for some surrender. In fact, your chart in 2018 is asking you to choose from the gut, trust your instincts and try not to get locked in over-analysis and self-criticism. When Chiron, which some believe is a modern ruler of Virgo, moves into Aries in April and your 8th house, you begin a years-long period of revisiting old wounds around control and sharing resources to heal them once and for all. Chiron is the Wounded Healer who derives his power from confronting his own pain. in the 8th house, he is empowered to address traumas related to intimacy. The key to working with Chiron is being open to vulnerability and being gifted with compassion and unconditional love in return. From May to November, you’re likely to be busy problem-solving with Mars in your 6th house of work, health and routines. Channel that energy into your health regimen to stave off any stress. During that same period, you’ll have Uranus jolting you with moments of enlightenment and epiphany and maybe even exciting long distance travel. The Mercury Retrogrades — those periods that make life especially intense for Mercury ruled Gemini and Virgo — will be calling for more subtle changes and revisions in your life this year. From March 22 to April 15, Mercury joins Chiron to dig through your shared resources and any issues with sex and intimacy and asks you to take one more look before releasing what’s not working. This excavation process could feel especially uncomfortable from April 2-9, as Mercury squares Mars and Saturn causing some blockages and snafus with children, creative projects or romance. From July 26 to Aug. 19, you may be ready for retreat and renewal. And with retrogrades and eclipses mucking up your routines from June 26 to Aug. 14, it may be most productive to give yourself permission to step back and reassess your progress, rather than slip into a trap of self-doubt and second-guessing. By Sept. 2, all will be clear and by Sept. 6, you’ll be ready to move forward again. The last thorny period of 2018 takes place in November, with Venus Retrograde causing some financial constraints and Mercury causing problems at home. Fortunately, you’ll have Jupiter off-setting whatever trouble Mercury starts by filling you with optimism and can-do spirit to send you off in 2019.



LIBRA or Libra Rising 

You’ve just entered an intense, two and a half year growth period with Saturn sweeping away the cobwebs of your psyche, demanding you release people, places and things that no longer serve you. This is Saturn in the 4th house and it’s a strenuous process but one that brings about profound wisdom and ultimately freedom to be your true self. With Pluto still hanging around in this same area, you may feel as if you’ve excavated all the skeletons that need to be found. And it’s true, Pluto can feel like a nuclear bomb when it hits an angle in our charts. Saturn on the other hand leaves no stone unturned, sweeping away the last shards of outworn beliefs, old programming and toxic people, one-by-one. This may be easier in 2018 than other years, as Jupiter is fueling you with an abundant sense of self-worth and cash flow until Oct. 5. You may want to use Jupiter to refinance, budget and create a long-term financial plan, particularly from March 9-July 10. The first Mercury retrograde from March 22 to April 15, you may be grappling with a partner more than usual, or serving as a support for a frazzled spouse, so be braced to have more patience then. From May 17 to Aug. 27, the world may feel a little haywire. There are so many retrogrades, eclipses not to mention, Uranus, the Great Awakener, shifting signs, that it’s best to free yourself of expectation during that period. The money you share, as well as issues related to taxes, inheritance and intimacy could get a jolt of surprise around May 15. Issues with children, new love interests and creative projects could emerge from June 26 to Aug. 14. From then until Aug. 27, you may want to be careful around the house as Mars Retrograde could cause problems with anything sharp, hot or fast. But let’s look at the bright spots, shall we? You’re probably going to be up for some accolades on the career front from May 20-June 14 as your chart ruler Venus graces your career sector with good vibes. Another lovely time starts Aug. 7 through Sept. 10 as Venus cross your Ascendant, granting you special charms. If you’re interested in changing your look or getting any sort of beautifying treatments, that’s the time to do it. People will be especially attracted to you then. Hold off on any major decisions from Oct. 31-Dec. 6 if you can as Venus turns retrograde in your first house and Mercury Retrograde could be mucking up your messaging. By mid-December, you may have reached some sort of clarity on your public image that results in a new source of income. And by Christmas, you’ll likely have more overall clarity.


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising  

Though you may be hesitant to admit it, you’re probably getting a sense that this is going to be your year. Jupiter is transiting in your sign through Nov. 9, bringing helpful people, opportunity and abundance into your life. By November, the last six years will feel like a distant bad dream. You are being reborn. Or, maybe you’ll feel like you’ve just graduated into a new realm of mastery. Because you have. For a sign most accustomed to having control, the last few years have likely felt especially unsettling. Saturn spent two and a half years in your 2nd house, draining your sense of self-worth and your bank account along with it. Now that energy moves into your 3rd house, bringing a certain business acumen along with it. Your mission during the next two and a half years, if you choose to accept it, will be taking more responsibility for your thoughts and how they shape your reality. You have an opportunity now through 2020 to free yourself from unproductive mental habits and nagging self-doubt. You may take up journal-writing to help organize your experience now. Considering the last seven years, you’ve probably got a lot to process. Since 2011, you’ve probably been riding a roller-coaster at work. There has been so much change — much of it shocking and unexpected—you may have decided that this is your new normal. Don’t despair. The earthquakes and revelations on this front have landed you in a more authentic, independent place. You’ll probably look back on these years of flux as a series of blessings in disguise. By mid-May, this vortex for change moves into your relationships, prompting more independence and excitement in this area than you’ve probably ever experienced. That’s not to say the years of change where your career is concerned are over. A series of eclipses —Jan. 31, Feb. 15, July 27 and Aug. 11— are nudging you through an energetic portal into an entirely new experience – one more aligned with your heart. This summer offers tremendous amount of opportunity for change and growth in your career. A few speed bumps to keep in mind: Jupiter, Mercury and Mars Retrogrades may cause delays in your progress toward these exciting new ventures. Try not to overreact to these. They are better seen as moments to refine and strategize plans for this new future, rather than impediments to it. Mercury mucks up your routines and health from March 22-April 15. Mars and Mercury could cause misunderstandings in your career June 26-Aug. 27. Venus could create a slight identity crisis Oct. 5-31. And Mercury may create difficulties getting your point across Dec. 2-6. But these are really speed-bumps on the way to more abundance. It's likely you'll be feeling great about yourself starting in November, earning more money than you have in years and ready to celebrate.


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  

This year, you may feel a bit like you’re living in a cocoon, waiting for the right moment to debut your new wings. That’s your sign’s ruler Jupiter in the 12th house through Nov. 9, guiding you toward healing and renewal in the deepest parts of yourself. Much of this year could be spent planning your next big adventure. Try not to get lost in self-doubt, but rather channel Saturn in your 2nd house into developing better habits of self-care. You’ve just come through a years-long cycle of maturity and mastery, change and epiphany where issues of self-image, identity and self-expression are concerned. It wasn’t a journey for the faint-hearted. But now you’re on the other side. Use what you’ve learned to harness the eclipse vortices opening your mind to new and exciting people, places and experiences this year, particularly around Jan. 31, Feb. 15, July 27 and Aug. 11. Long-distance travel and higher education could bring epiphany and spiritual renewal, just try to stay flexible as plans may not unfold as you expect. The Mercury Retrogrades March 22-April 15, July 26-Aug. 19 and Nov. 17-Dec. 6 could help unwind long-held beliefs and the ways you communicate them in relationship and career. Be open to self-exploration this year. What you learn now will serve you well next year as Jupiter transits in your sign. For now, though, you’re in a learning phase, gathering information, refining it and integrating it for implementation later on. The Jupiter retrograde period from March 9 to July 10 gives you ample time for this sort of self-study. Sign up for a workshop or three during that time. You’ll find the teachings will speak to you in profound ways now. From June 26-Aug.14, you may want to be extra careful moving from point A to point B. Mars Retrograde in the area of short trips, communication and neighbors create an environment ripe for accidents close to home. Channeled positively, though, that period could bring you opportunities for productive re-thinking important decisions. From Aug.14-27, keep a close eye on your finances as Mars Retrograde in your 2nd house could inspire unnecessary spending or spending on faulty products. When Uranus moves into your 6th house of work May 16, you could notice exciting an unexpected changes on the job or in your day-to-day routines. Overall, this year is a good time to prepare for the excitement coming your way next year. Contemplation, self-care and financial preparedness will keep you grounded for any summer difficulties and create a solid foundation for what’s to come.


CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising  

Something you’ve been preparing two and a half years for may now see the light of day as your chart ruler Saturn moves into your sign. You could feel more prepared now to take on extra duties and responsibilities, as a result. Jupiter will spend all year helping bring your dreams into reality and offer grace and support to your friendships as well. This year definitely marks a turning point for you, launching you in the right direction after a long period of deliberate strategizing and profound transformation. As Uranus enters Taurus and your 5th house of creativity in May, you could experience some major breakthroughs in your self-expression as well. Embrace opportunities to be uniquely you as the planet of individuality and awakening brightens your sense of self. You may find yourself inspired with genius ideas and the can-do spirit to manifest them from Aug. 21 to Sept. 21 as your ruler Saturn trines Uranus. Your finances and joint resources are up for some adjustments this year as the Leo-Aquarius eclipse series will be activating your 2nd/8th house axis. There could be some exciting changes around the Feb. 15 Solar Eclipse in Aquarius and a bit of a bumpy ride, during the July 12 Cancer Solar Eclipse which could affect your long-term relationships, and the July 27 Full Moon Lunar Aquarius Eclipse, which could impact your income and joint resources. Mercury Retrogrades this year suggest you'll be reassessing issues around home and family from March 22-April 15, rethinking your intimate relationships and joint resources from July 26-Aug. 19 and taking time to hibernate and recover from Nov. 17-Dec.2. You may be entering a longer period of healing as Chiron enters Aries and moves to the bottom of your chart from March through October this year. Old family wounds or issues related to childhood could resurface now to be resolved and healed. This is a long-term transit, lasting through 2026, so be gentle with yourself in moments of fragility. You won’t compromise any strength by allowing room for periodic grieving. Quite the contrary. This year, promises to be a memorable one any way you look at it. You’ll have more motivation for productive change and personal evolution than you’ve had in some time.


AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising  

You are likely feeling a palpable sense of anticipation as the year opens with a pair of eclipses activating your serious committed relationships on Jan. 31 and your sense of identity on Feb. 15. You’re in the middle of a two-and-a-half year cycle of eclipses that are calling you to reclaim essential parts of your authenticity and individuality, casting off what no longer serves you, while also reconfiguring key elements of your persona. This could feel like a turning point year. Since 2016, you’ve been shifting in dramatic ways and this year, you may feel less buffeted by all the demands of change and more energized by it. There’s some more grounded energy available to you since Saturn, your chart ruler, entered its home sign of Capricorn late last year. With the Great Teacher transiting into the deep recesses of your 12th house you have help organizing, structuring and even legitimizing a new way of being. This may feel like a sober time of assessment as you begin to navigate the more hidden parts of yourself. Rather than surrender to doubt or fear, use this period to cultivate wisdom by opening yourself to meditation and other forms of self-study. This summer could prove to be especially revealing, and not a little bit frustrating as you revise and reassert yourself in important ways. There could be a three-steps-forward, two-steps-back feeling from June 26 to Aug. 19. By September, you’ll be making a lot more progress, though probably not the sort you expect. Keep your expectations light and airy this year. As your modern ruler Uranus enters Taurus from May to October, you may feel your independence and individuality challenged by some outside force. Life at home could feel more surprising and eventful than usual and your best course of action is to go with the flow. Accept the sudden changes that come your way, particularly those that might involve relatives. Around this same time, there’s also a tremendous opportunity for healing around issues of self-confidence, particularly where your career is concerned on May 25, Aug. 19 and Nov. 1. When in doubt, access the good will and prosperity available from your career through Nov. 9. Despite all the evolution and epiphany, you’re very well-received by the public and your superiors this year. The only exception could be June 26-July 10 when you could be sent back to the drawing board to negotiate with a hard-to-please boss or client. From Nov. 9 through the end of 2019, though Jupiter moves into the house of hopes and dreams, amplifying possibilities for you to manifest an important goal. As this year comes to a close, you will likely find yourself feeling renewed and redirected on your life’s path.


PISCES or Pisces Rising 

For the better part of seven years, you— more than any other sign —have been identifying with the archetype of the Wounded Healer. It could be that you’ve experienced great loss since 2011 that has brought about extraordinary moments of healing. Or perhaps you’ve just come into your own as a healer during this time, harnessing the gifts of grief to guide others through their own suffering. This is Chiron in Pisces in the 1st house and come April, this challenging journey will be largely complete. That’s not to say the spiritual awakening you’ve been experiencing for years is winding down. It’s just taking on a more optimistic, enlivened tone than in years past, particularly May 25-June 13 and Aug. 11-25. With Jupiter in your 9th house of beliefs, esoteric study and long-distance travel, you could experience new moments of mind-expanding encounters and even enlightenment. And come Nov. 9, when Jupiter enters Sagittarius, you’ll be ready to graduate and reap the bounty of all your spiritual insights. The eclipses are aiding with this process as well activating your work life and daily routines on Jan. 31 and Aug. 11, bringing changes and endings in both areas, while the eclipses on Feb. 15 and July 27 are good for retreat so you’re available for epiphany and renewal. One particularly lovely day comes with the July 12 Cancer Lunar Eclipse, which brings romance and fun. This year’s Mercury Retrogrades will call you to pay extra close attention to your finances March 22-April 15, cultivate patience on the job and schedule your health checkups July 26-Aug. 19 and be mindful of career snafus and misunderstandings Nov. 17-Dec.2. The next two and a half years is a good time to reassess your hopes and dreams and to refine your goals as Saturn transits through your 11th house. You’ve just concluded a three-year period of mastery and achievement in your career and now it’s time to set new goals for the long-term. As Uranus enters your 3rd house from May-October, you could finally get some relief from the last seven years of financial chaos. Instead, Uranus could help you experience breakthroughs in your thinking that help you identify your new path, particularly Aug. 21-Sept. 21. There’s sure to be a lot of excitement going on in your local community during that time as well, and opportunities to meet interesting, even unusual new acquaintances.