ARIES or Aries rising  

This year, you end one eight-year cycle and begin another. The transcendent moments of epiphany that have come through you since 2011 now move into a deeper part of your personality and light up your sense of self in a whole new way. You may feel more authentically yourself than ever before. An exhilarating and destabilizing process is coming to a close, leaving you feeling a bit worn out, but also shiny and new.

It may be time to set aside that restless drive that has motivated you for so long. Instead, tune into something more ethereal and sensitive. In 2019, a tender part of you emerges that wasn’t there before. Your vulnerability begins to make it itself known in new ways. Embrace that squishy aspect of self. You need the healing that comes with it. This is Chiron, the Wounded Healer, entering Aries on Feb. 18 and staying through 2027 and Uranus the Great Awakener, leaving Aries on March 5, after a nine-year stay.

There are significant shifts coming in your career and your work-home life balance this year. The Capricorn-Cancer cycle of eclipses – Jan. 5, July 2 and July 16 and Dec. 25-26 —peel away the layers of your reputation and your ideas of home to restructure and make room for something more stable. You may be confronted with the need to release some aspect of your career, to free up more energy for yourself.

It’s time to embrace those changes. You’ve likely experienced a long period of shifts and even some losses in professional life. This year, you may finally be able to make sense of all that. The pieces may begin to settle into more recognizable form.

Don’t be surprised, though if this year, you consider new and innovate ways to earn your living. This is the beginning of Uranus in your 2nd house and by the time it’s through in 2027, your relationship to money will most certainly have evolved.

Throughout the year, especially in mid-January, mid-June and late September, you may be confronting your dreams, realizing you’ve achieved more than you expected. Maybe you find yourself asking “is that all there is?”

Rather than succumb to overwhelm or melancholy, channel this energy into spiritual practice and self-compassion. Find ways to cultivate gratitude and give back to the world. Helping the needy could dispel any negativity around this process.

Through December 9, you may want to expand your horizons either through long distance travel or by going back to school. Esoteric subjects may be of particular interest to you. There’s a real emphasis on the search for meaning now as Jupiter transits through your 9th house of higher learning and spirituality. Stay open to new experiences and potential teachers from all walks of life. You may find yourself somewhere you never dreamed. Serendipity may lend a hand.


TAURUS or Taurus Rising  

Your consciousness is leveling up. Your paradigms are shifting. Whatever ideas or expectations you once had about your abilities and your path are being cast aside to make room for something entirely unexpected and wonderful. The status quo will only lead to frustration and disappointment. The limits that once held you back are being blasted apart. This is the planet Uranus transiting into your sign on March 6 for a seven-year stay.

You got a taste of this dynamism in May 2018. Now through 2026, you learn to master, integrate and expand this power. Innovate. Invite spontaneity. Embrace change. Revel in inspiration. Take time to ground. Then plug in to the Zeitgeist.

The soil that is your life is fertile and the air is ionized. The ideas coming through you now are the once-in-a- lifetime kind. Your false self will not survive this process. You have the momentum now to build lasting foundations, so long as you create an entirely new structure. You are the body electric in 2019.

Take life as it comes for the foreseeable future. For a fixed sign like you, this will feel jarring and destabilizing at times. It could also feel like a transcendent breakthrough as you experience more freedom to be yourself than you ever have in your life.

Professional rewards and accolades could come your way in March. Get out and network during April and revisit your goals and dreams. By early May, you could be ready for a vacation as Venus moves into your 12th house of rest. You’ll be looking good and feeling good from mid-May through mid-June.

During July and August, you’ll be focused on socializing and getting together with family. Perhaps you feel a renewed sense of camaraderie with your relatives. Or you could be feathering your own nest. From Aug. 21-Sept. 14, you’ll be ready to have fun and get creative. Time with kids is especially rewarding now. Issues on the job and with your health are the focus from Sept. 14 through Oct. 8.

You’re beginning to see your life in an entirely new way, especially around this year’s Capricorn-Cancer cycle of eclipses Jan. 5, July 2, July 16 and Dec. 25-26. You could find yourself traveling internationally on the spur of the moment – or embracing a new culture. Paradigm shifts are de rigeur this year.

Goals and dreams may seem more achievable and if you’ve had issues with intimacy in the past, there’s tremendous support for healing them this year. One caution: don’t over commit your resources. Optimism and a strong desire to help your friends can get the best of you this year. You may spend as much as you earn during this time but have a lot of fun along the way.


GEMINI or Gemini Rising  

A deep connection to the Divine is awakening in you this year. Your consciousness is ripe for expansion. Some hidden part of you is preparing to break through. It’s a bit unsettling, but there’s excitement in the anxiety. This is Uranus entering your 12th house through 2026. Ground that electricity into the immovable part of your soul. This can result in an alchemical release.  

And yet, optimism abounds. Years of professional self-doubt are making way for renewed faith and healing. Partnerships are optimistic and prosperous to the point of idealization. But there’s enough pragmatism coming this year to balance it out.

You’re being asked to confront and release old fears of the unknown. This is Next-Level transformation. Part of you has died and been reborn since 2008 thanks to Pluto. You’ve let go of so much. Now as Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn this year, you refine and restructure this new aspect of self. The growth is magnified.

This year, your professional aspirations require surrender, particularly as your chart ruler Mercury retrogrades from March 5-23. It’s safe to let go and trust that you have what it takes. The long period of insecurity in this part of your life is over.

This year asks you to change your mind about yourself – for the better. Acknowledge the miracles you’ve made happen and the dreams you’ve realized since 2011. You may finally be able to confront your imposter syndrome. Now, clear out the old trauma still holding you back. Fill that vacant space with your integrity and strength.

Much of this work continues to be around intimacy this year. Being honest about your feelings brings rewards that last. You’re building up your resources, both financially and psychologically. Don’t short change yourself during this process.

Like last year, Saturn is teaching you about give and take and what needs to be given to receive. Where does nurturing become co-dependence? Where does self-sacrifice end and self-worth begin? Money and love are totems of this puzzle and this year, you’ll be negotiating the exchange of both.

Consider your chart ruler, Mercury, the magician and messenger, as he retrogrades through the water signs this year. These become periods of epiphany and depth for you, particularly July 7- Aug. 1. The way you think about yourself is up for assessment then.

Your well-being is the focus from Oct. 31-Nov. 20. You’re clarifying the way you think about your health and casting off toxic habits and poisonous thoughts. You may be more aware of the power of your own mind during this time, the notion that you’re constantly creating your own reality. You are how you think.


Cancer or Cancer Rising   

The time of accepting less than what you deserve is coming to an end. You are confronting what it means to allow others to burden you with their problems. You are discovering what it means to take responsibility for yourself.

You must trust that you know the answers to this test. Quality is more important now than quantity. Discernment in relationship is key. Value and steady yourself, first. Then offer to others whatever wisdom comes as a result.

Release all who take more than they give. Release all the guilt and shame that rises up when you set boundaries. Embrace integrity in all that you do. Remember that you are enough. You are coming to a new understanding of yourself. You are recognizing what you need to be happy.

Joy comes when you open yourself to new beliefs that have more meaning than what has come before. Even esoteric practices could inspire you. There’s magic in the mundane this year. Strength lies in your willingness to confront relationships that lack integrity.

New and exciting friendships arrive like a bracing wind this year. Serendipity may land you in the right place at the right time, making your dreams come true. Your goals are the most dynamic and exciting aspect of your life come March and through the next seven years.

You got a taste of this electric energy from March-November 2018. Now you settle in for a long period of awakening to an entirely new dream.

By mid-February, you may find yourself confronting the ways your professional life has wounded you. You may feel especially vulnerable as Chiron shifts into your 10th house, bringing your healing abilities forward, but also demanding you make yourself naked emotionally.

This is a very challenging place to be for a sensitive empath like you. But this is also a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make yourself a champion for other wounded souls like yourself.

You are mid-way through a three-year process of shedding a skin. You’ll have periods of escaping into your shell and periods of reveling in the freedom of being your true self.

Both of these are totally acceptable. The key to navigating the Capricorn-Cancer cycle of eclipses Jan. 5, July 2, July 16 and Dec. 25-26 is to surrender to the will of the universe. Trust that something deep and Divine is coming forward in your life. 


LEO or Leo Rising  

The revolution of you wasn’t televised, but it should have been. The story of your life has been all plot for two years now. You have killed off all the aspects of self that felt stale and worn out. You have exhausted all that was superficial until you are distilled down to your essence.

The epiphanies you had seven years ago have now manifested. It’s time to step into this new reality with confidence. Embrace the true genius that hits your professional life like lightning this year. Treat any fear like a phantom pain there to remind you of how far you’ve come.

Don’t worry. Your work isn’t done. This year, you reinforce the changes you kickstarted last May. You have demolished the old way. Embraced a new ideology. Freed yourself from convention. Now it’s time to create structures that can cradle the new you. Clarify some boundaries.

You are the high priestess of your own religion. Your life is your temple. Change your habits and you’ll change your entire reality this year. Bring more poetry to your routines and you’ll be surprised how quickly life improves. Allow your epiphanies room to breathe life into your dreams.

Give yourself over to the notion that all time is simultaneous. Your thoughts are writing your life into being. And this is your season of change and transcendence. It’s okay to let your freak flag fly this year. The universe is encouraging it.

Remember, you don’t always have to lead the parade to be a star, to serve as a beacon of love. You just have to embody joy, to live with childlike wonder, to let yourself play. And this year, you’ll attract plenty of playmates. Let them see behind the curtain for once.

There’s no need to hide behind pretty costumes anymore. People are drawn to the real you these days. Something about your presence gives them permission to love themselves.

Maybe it’s that ephemeral light that emanates from you this year when you give in to intimacy and welcome romance. The generosity you show yourself in 2019 will make you a magnet for love. So be kind to your inner child whenever possible.


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  

You are poised to change the way you express yourself. Being creative means something different to you now than it used to and you’re working out what needs to change. You have outgrown a whole lifetime of goals and dreams.

This year, you’ll get bouts of clarity around your next big aspiration. A vortex of energy and growth inspires new projects and playmates around the Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycles in January, July and on Christmas.

Look for opportunities to evolve creatively, to release old ways of self-expression and to open yourself to more joy and freedom.

There’s heightened romance and even over-idealization happening in your closest partnerships. Your relationships are probably ready for review and revision. As your chart ruler Mercury retrogrades from March 5-23, that may reach a crescendo of disillusionment that demands you reassess your own needs.

Friendships may end suddenly as well, particularly in July as Mercury asks you to edit the people from your life that take more than they give. You are the one so many of us rely on, the one always eager to help and the most resourceful in times of need.

But you’re entering a new season and perhaps discovering a new tribe. Don’t be afraid to make time for more fun. You can be diligent and productive, while enjoying yourself.

You may access deeper parts of yourself now than you ever have in the past, particularly from Oct. 31-Nov. 20. Inspiration is more readily available this year. You invite depth and intuition into your process.

There’s deep healing coming your way, particularly of the sexual variety as Chiron moves into your 8th house in March for a six-year stay. You may be ready to address old traumas or grieve long buried losses during this time.

The symbol for Chiron — a planet many astrologers argue is the natural ruler of Virgo — is a key. Its archetype is the Wounded Healer and its goal is to open us to our own suffering so that we can heal from it. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be intimate and to open yourself to healing this year.

Try not to set rigid expectations. Instead, be open to the broader notion of personal growth. Consider this your soul evolution. Take a bird’s eye view of this cycle. You may find yourself awash in serendipity and moments of enlightenment.

Resist the urge to categorize what comes. Let the meaning settle in its own time. It will integrate to the root of you more readily that way.  


LIBRA or Libra Rising 

Your ideas of relationship are nothing like they used to be. You’ve been forced to reconcile the dream with reality in the recent past. And though this process isn’t quite over yet, it moves out of the crisis phase so you can put the pieces together in a new way.

The real challenge is to make up your mind, a task that may feel more elusive than it should. Your options are wide open in ways they haven’t been in 12 years. You’re lit up with optimism and eager to engage with the world, despite all the responsibilities you’re carrying now.

You’ve achieved a few big goals in the last three years and that process may have left you feeling worn out and lonely. Some dreams required significant sacrifice. Your friendships have probably changed dramatically as a result of your new priorities. Now you’re hungry for new information, new experiences, new ideas that will take you somewhere exotic.

At the same time, you may have to keep your adventures local. There’s a lot to adjust on the home front this year. You’re all about the work-family balance. It’s a struggle in 2019, but one essential to your personal growth. Something has got to give. You can’t sideline your own needs just for the sake of being nice.

This is the year you get to the bottom of things. Life shakes loose some interesting aspects of you. You’re half-way through a deep dive into your own psyche, dredging up some old childhood grudges so you can finally put them to rest. As much as you hate to, you’re learning to set better boundaries with your family as a result.

In so many ways, you’re laying a new foundation, building new structures and systems around your life. At times, though, solid ground may be hard to find — particularly in July and December. Know that there are aspects of you that have out lived their usefulness. It’s okay to grieve their passing. But let them go without a fight.

You’re on the cusp of something much more aligned with your integrity. Change brings awakening this year. There’s something alchemical happening around your ideas of give-and-take in 2019. Something unsettling and weird but exciting and alive, too. Your sex life may suddenly get more interesting. Old paradigms around intimacy may fall away. Hang-ups may disappear. You’re ready to experiment!


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising  

Chaos and change have been routine for you for years now. Your work life has been unsettled and the stress has been unbearable. That era is over in March.

Now the dynamism of Uranus moves out of your work-health sector and into your partnerships. If your long term relationship has grown stale, things are about to get good. You got a taste of this last summer. From now through 2026, this becomes the new normal.

It’s a time when partners can be unpredictable. And your own ideas about committed relationship shift and change. It may be hard for either one of you to settle down. You both may need more freedom they in the past.

Here’s a tip: Give your partner room to stretch. Your all-or-nothing notions just don’t work in this situation. Keep in mind this isn’t an either or decision. Think inter-dependence. Flexibility will save your marriage.

Just because your partner wants to fly solo sometimes doesn’t mean they’re out looking for a new mate.

This is also a time of tremendous breakthrough in your ideas about yourself. You may think you’ve done your share of major transformations. But there’s more! It’s time to change up your outward expression of personality. Embrace your authentic self. Time to let your true self shine.

It’s true that Pluto has taken you to the depths of yourself and back again in the recent past. And you’ve released people, places and things that you never thought you could let go thanks to Saturn. Uranus has gifts of his own and they come like a strike of lightning.

A profound sense of freedom has supplanted much of the angst of the last few years. Rewards are forthcoming now as a result of your hard soul work. Now you move into a period of reclamation.

You are creatively renewed and building a substantial foundation of ideas. Though stability is still elusive, excitement and serendipity abound. You may even find your partnerships infused with a romance and glamour you haven’t felt in decades.

You’re being called to open yourself to new frontiers, to move beyond what is familiar and explore foreign territory. You are flush with cash and the confidence to spend it in ways that fuel your creative soul.

You possess a certain clarity of thought and intention now that will focus your endeavors. The key is to temper that effort with tenderness.

Too much rigidity inhibits creative flow. Trust yourself and your finely hones instincts and you’ll make your creative dreams a reality this year.


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  

You need no introduction this year as you are the star of the zodiac this year. You had to shift paradigms and release some old ways of being to survive the endurance tests of the last three years. Take time to revel in your success.

There are moments this year when your good fortune seems other worldly. You may still wonder sometimes if you’re deserving of the grace available to you now. You are. Take time to still any lingering insecurities by resting your attention on the moment. You have a special ability this year to use divine guidance to heal those aspects of yourself.

Your beliefs have always been a sacred aspect of your personality. This year, you may feel the need to share them. You’ve entered a period of expansion and adventure that comes around once every 12 years. Teachers and earth angels are drawn to help you, to minister to your soul now.

Take in whatever wisdom they offer. Rather than judge their guidance, or try to shoe-horn it into some sort of ideology, let it wash over you. Or better yet, try it out for once. You don’t always have to be right.

You’re still working through issues of give and take this year, finding more tactful ways to express your needs. You’re learning so much about how other people see you. And in many ways it feels good to be seen. You may also need to battle your optimism with a dose of pragmatism this year.

Financial restraint may be required. It’s a good time to reassess your spending and devise new savings plans. Set some new goals. Where do you want to be by year’s end? How do you want your life to look by then? You’re about to enter a seven-year period of marked self-realization. Are you ready?

Spirituality is a priority this year. Whether you’re a devout Catholic or a tree hugger, you’re going to want to lean on your faith. And that’s a good thing. Open yourself to the teachings that speak to you. You’re ripe for an awakening.


CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising  

The time has come to release key aspects of yourself that no longer serve your growth. You are maturing at a rapid pace this year, gathering wisdom as you go. This is an exhausting process and you may be feeling your age.

But you must confront where you were wrong in order to move forward. You may need to go deep and revisit old wounds, the stuff of early childhood. This is material you thought you’d resolved that has emerged in a new way, needing another level of understanding.

Try not to resist that process. Lean into it and any suffering associated with this growth will be abbreviated. Your home and family will be your sanctuary now and during the coming years. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable to them.

This is how you cut away the confusion and clarify your sense of self. This is where you find your authentic self, unburdened by the mask of capability.

This year you’re granted reprieve from striving so that you can heal and renew. You’re asked to reflect and awaken in phases, rather than all at once. Clarity may have been elusive for a long time.

This year, particularly as Saturn sextiles Neptune in January, June 14 and Nov. 8, the veil will lift and you’ll have the opportunity to realize a dream, clarify a goal or make peace with yourself.

No need to take on more than humanly possible. There will always be someone else’s needs to consider and manage, but this year you need to direct your effort toward finding a balance.

The Cancer-Capricorn eclipses of Jan. 5, July 2, July 16 and Dec. 25 are awakening a new aspect of you. You may start to recognize how you give yourself away. You may end a cycle of suffering and begin a rebirth.

By March and through 2026, you will certainly have a creative awakening. Uranus enters your 5th house then, bringing electricity and dynamism to your creative self-expression and your gamesmanship. Experiment with the new you.

By year’s end, you will be called upon to take the helm once again, to lead the troops and demonstrate your integrity. But for now, you must quiet yourself like the caterpillar entering the cocoon. You must liquify the old self to make room for the new, more vibrant you.


AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising  

It’s time to buckle down and get serious. You survived the two-year series of earthquakes that cracked you open and laid bare all your fears and flaws. Now it’s time to rebuild and recover. Bring your friends along. They’re your greatest allies this year.

So much of your growth may take place behind the scenes this year. And that’s just fine. You are continuing to cultivate some deep wisdom right now, gathering up all that you’ve learned, identifying any gaps in your education and searching your soul.

There are spiritual epiphanies still to come this year and psychic closets that still need clearing. You are letting go of old habits, freeing yourself from old karma. Your ancient ruler Saturn is taking you through a graduate school for the soul. By 2021, he’ll release you to the world, all shiny and new.

For now, though, the lessons are rigorous and deeply satisfying. You’re being called to renew your faith in yourself, to aspire to new goals and dreams. It’s time to initiate some of those experiments you brainstormed during the last two years.

Your genius lies in your intuitive link to the future. You can channel the innovation the culture needs right now. It’s as if you can be in two moments all at once. Be open to the quantum leap in consciousness that’s available to you.

Understand that this process can feel destabilizing. Use what you’ve learned since 2017 about going with the flow and you’ll be fine. You were born to be the change.

Know that you may need to relocate to feel authentically you. Maybe not this year, but certainly within the next six. You need your outer existence to match your inner awakening.

And your next home could come to you as flashes of insight, as if you’ve stepped out of time into your own future. You want your routines to align more with your recent shift of priorities. Everything about you is electrified now. You are a catalyst for everyone around you.

This energy magnetizing helpful people to you this year especially. When in doubt, ask a friend. They are your angels and guides now. They know what opportunities suit you best. And they want to see you succeed.


PISCES or Pisces Rising 

This is the year your gifts are finally recognized. The epiphanies and breakthroughs of the last 18 months have inspired new goals and dreams. You’ve expanded your paradigm and explored unchartered territory, bringing a renewed sense of purpose.

This year, you broaden your reach even further. Your reputation is stellar and career opportunities are abundant. Clarify your aspirations so you can make the most of this moment and implement your vision. There’s an optimistic, ambitious energy supporting your projects now.

At the same time, all this progress triggers old self-confidence issues. You may catch yourself revisiting old wounds around being good enough. Self-doubt is sometimes a necessary motivator in times of achievement like this.

That said, you’ve spent seven years exploring your own vulnerability, finding new ways to heal any reticence around being seen. Your true self may still feel elusive as Neptune hovers over your personality. But this can feel like you’re wearing rose-colored glasses a lot of the time. Not altogether unpleasant!

There’s a sense of optimism that comes your way this year, as your ancient ruler Jupiter squares your modern ruler Neptune, January, June and September. This may feel a bit like a crisis of faith that resolves in a miraculous way. It could also fire up your ambition with surprising creativity.

This year Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle in January, July and December activates your goals and creative projects, bringing new opportunities and demanding you evolve. Sudden creative breakthroughs are likely this year.

You may continue to release friendships. You may join a new tribe. Either way, you’re adjusting your expectations and cultivating more realism. You’re mid-way through a three year process of redefining your concept of success. At times, you’ll feel as if you’re on the cusp of achieving a dream.

You’re waking up to a new way of being and it’s only natural to second-guess this kind of leveling up. The truth is that you can trust your instincts now. Open your heart to joy. Release the need to be all things to all people.