ARIES or Aries Rising

The optimism burnishing your one-on-one relationships now may evolve into something more poignant this month. You’re reaching toward a deeper understanding of yourself through the act of relating with others now. Even Valentine’s Day could prove to be more than just a confection this year. There’s intense healing taking place in your closest partnership and like any recovery, it’s not always comfortable. You’re being pushed to reckon with old childhood wounds. Out-dated methods of hiding in plain sight must be acknowledged for you to get the most out of this experience. You have an opportunity, especially around the Feb. 26 solar eclipse, to awaken and bring to light your most authentic self. Trust that the real you is enough. 




TAURUS or Taurus Rising  

You may feel the need to retreat this month and catch your breath after months of gang-busters growth on the work front. It’s possible overwork has taken a toll on your health and you may need to schedule some rejuvenating sessions with a healer as Jupiter, the planet of bounty and good luck, stations retrograde in your house of health on Feb. 6 through June. In fact, the theme for the next three months is healing. A lovely Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 10 brings breakthroughs in consciousness for you, particularly how career-family balance are essential to your health and well-being. By mid-month, you may be revisiting unrealized goals and the suffering those perceived failures may have caused. But now is the time to heal those old wounds. In fact, the Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26 will probably create an opportunity for you to let them go.  


GEMINI or Gemini Rising 

After a tedious start to the year, you’re probably firing on all cylinders as February opens, fully engaged in one crisis after another. You’ll spend much of the month actively involved in your social networks and/or setting ambitious new goals. You’re gearing up for a big career revelation by month’s end. As Jupiter slows and then stations in your 5th house, a career-related creative project may need some re-tooling. You may be confronted with some tough decisions and it’s important to continue to tap your social networks for inspiration. The beautiful Feb. 10 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is sure to inspire you, flooding your brain with ideas. You may also find these epiphanies coming to you during a trip. The work-family balance may come up at the uncomfortable New Moon Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26 prompting some tense conversations about your career and how it's testing your beliefs. You’re uncovering new aspects of your own psyche now, clearing the way for new patterns in relationship. 


Cancer or Cancer Rising  

Your beliefs, particularly about yourself, are front and center this month. So much of your journey this year centers on a crisis of faith. In February, those crises will make themselves known giving you important information you need to move forward. On the career front you’re full steam ahead. It’s likely your reputation precedes you, bringing a storm of opportunity your way. As Jupiter stations Feb. 6, retrograde through June, unresolved issues or poorly executed plans at home could compete for your attention. Still, the lovely Full Moon Lunar eclipse on Feb. 10 is rich with wholeness and even financial well being too. This could be a happy ending of sorts in the area of intimacy, shared resources and income. The month ends on a dramatic note with the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26 shaking things up in your career and maybe dislodging a new ideology as well.



LEO or Leo Rising

This month your self-expression gets a jolt of energy and a portal to a new paradigm. Self- versus other is February’s theme as you’re forced to decide just where you begin and where your partner ends. Expect breakthroughs around the Feb. 10 Lunar Eclipse that promise romantic and creative renewal and even joy. You’re about to reap the benefits of your hard-won integrity. As the Sun moves into Pisces Feb. 18, though, you’ll find there’s more work to do. Issues of intimacy and give-and-take dominate, prompting a week of productive, though sometimes painful, talks that help reshape your ideas and beliefs. The Feb. 26 eclipse drives this point home, perhaps bringing all this negotiation to a crisis point, solely so you can assert yourself in new and daring ways. Between now and June, you’ll be taking a deep dive into your own personal philosophies, healing old wounds associated with intimacy and freeing your mind in the process.


VIRGO or Virgo Rising  

The month opens with some much needed forward motion on a creative project or a romance that stalled back in December. Perhaps you spent January revising and rethinking and now you’re ready to make a decision. Issues of self-worth or a desire to boost your income may influence your choice. Though you may grapple with old doubts early on in the month, the Feb. 10 Lunar Eclipse will likely bring some good news about your income that will boost your self-esteem and create an opportunity for inner growth. This eclipse asks you to release your fears and self-doubt and make room to rejuvenate. Be mindful on Feb. 15 as Mercury squares Mars that mishaps may be more likely. Opportunities to take action in areas of intimacy and joint resources come on Feb. 16. Breakthrough ideas about work, health and well being may be yours on Feb. 20 and on Feb. 21, luck and money flow your way. The month ends with a turbulent Solar Eclipse that floods your relationships with renewal and compassion and raises new questions about your path to self-awareness.



LIBRA or Libra Rising 

With Jupiter stationing in your first house Feb. 6, your tireless self-promotion campaign launched last September may need some re-tooling during the months ahead. Fortunately, you’ll still have plenty of good mojo this month with your chart ruler Venus in Aries moving through your seventh house through April. It's key to make the most of this energy in February as Venus retrogrades there dimming your good PR from March 4 to April 15. All this month, though, you'll have action hero Mars in this area of life too. Just remember to temper your enthusiasm from time to time. You may reach a frustrating turning point on Feb. 9 related to career, but going with the flow here means releasing what isn’t working. Good news will likely shift your goals around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 10. You'll want to be patient to allow the dust to settle in the days after. By month’s end, you’re likely to be very busy, perhaps even more than you expected, as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your 6th house brings the start of something new.


SCORPIO or Scorpio Rising

The pace of life picks up for you this month as Mars charges up your routines and may even help you launch a new health regimen. Work could feel especially hectic now, but fortunately, Jupiter’s Retrograde helps you find time for self-care. While Saturn clamps down on your income and even powers self-doubt this year, Jupiter is offering respite with some surprising moments of grace in the coming months. The Feb. 10 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse highlights your family-career balance and may result in an opportunity to take a creative idea public. You could use Feb. 16 as an opportunity to get clear on a habit, perhaps one related to your familial role, that no longer serves you. A turning point comes on Feb. 21 and 22, perhaps empowering you to take action to achieve a long-held goal. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26 brings certain breakthrough on a creative project, the results of which bring a sense of self-actualization. 


SAGITTARIUS or Sagittarius Rising  

Since September, life has turned your attention to friendships and networks, hopes and dreams, motivating you to find ways to build alliances and set new goals. And yet, you may have been frustrated in your attempts to stabilize this area of life. Your rebel spirit and creative genius are coming alive and forcing you to be your authentic self. That sort of breakthrough doesn’t always sit well with everyone. And that’s exactly the point of this transit, to disrupt long-held notions about who you are to get at the real you. This month, and as Jupiter retrogrades until June, revise your goals and edit your friendships. And look for moments of grace. The beautiful Feb. 10 Lunar Eclipse brings change to your beliefs and renews your faith. And on Feb. 11, you feel empowered and centered. The Feb. 26 Solar Eclipse isn’t as joyous. Expect a little turbulence as you delve into the deepest recesses of your psyche to draw out the truth. It's worth the effort.



CAPRICORN or Capricorn Rising 

Your career has been especially blessed since September with Jupiter bringing new opportunities and Uranus bringing sudden change and breakthrough. As Jupiter stations here on Feb. 6 through June 9, your Midas touch may be more muted and your plans may need revision. First though, you’ll have a lovely Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 10 that could bring a raise or sudden cash infusion as a result of your work or that of your partner. With Mars and Venus stirring up activity at home, you may be looking around for new digs, though the search may not produce immediate results. Your best day of the month is likely Feb. 13 when your sense of stability and self-worth are high and life seems to flow. Valentine’s Day may require extra patience, mostly with yourself and your need for structure. And the week of Feb. 20 has a lot of ups and downs particularly in your routines and work life. It may get worse before it gets better, reaching a bumpy conclusion at the Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26. Ultimately, it will all inspire you to make some important decisions about your career. 


AQUARIUS or Aquarius Rising 

This is your time of year to shine and if world events are any indication, the Zeitgeist is on your side. A new paradigm is dawning in your consciousness now with Jupiter Retrograde in your ninth house of faith and higher mind Feb. 6 through June. By Feb. 7, you’ll have Mercury in your sign as well, inspiring you to communicate the wisdom you’ve gained since September. By Feb. 9, as the Sun trines your ruler Uranus, you could be feeling as if the world has finally awakened to your reality, the one that for so long has placed you squarely outside convention. The super-positive Feb. 10 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse lights up your partnerships, marking a turning point on your path to assert your unique identity and even serve as a spiritual teacher. You’re primed for epiphany and intellectual breakthroughs on Feb. 20, 21 and 22. Draw on that inner resolve when at the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26, disruptive forces beyond your control try to rattle your sense of stability. And remember, no one is better suited to these volatile times than you.


PISCES or Pisces Rising  

You may be talking out problems between friends or thinking hard about your goals as the month opens, mining the confusion for truth. On Feb. 6, your ancient ruler Jupiter stations in your house of intimacy, death and taxes, bringing a sense of healing or rejuvenation or even news of a hefty inheritance or divorce settlement. Crises may bloom for you or your partner, forcing some revisions and rethinking, but rest assured Jupiter in the 8th house is like a guardian angel against the worst of it. Expect good news about a work or health issue around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Feb. 10. The next day could be the best of the month when the Sun trines Jupiter floods your life with abundance, healing and good will. You may be frustrated by the demands of work or an overly critical boss on Valentine’s Day, but by Feb. 16, you will have successfully channeled that obstacle into an opportunity to assert yourself. The Sun enters Pisces on Feb. 18 powering up your sense of self and shining the spotlight on you. When in doubt this month, meditate, especially Feb. 10, Feb. 16, Feb. 20- 23.  You’ll gain clarity on thorny issues of self worth and give and take. You, perhaps more than most this month, will feel the effects of the volatile, unpredictable Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26. Fear not, though. You are the mystic of the Zodiac. Clarify your intentions. Release and surrender to the Divine.