next-level woo

when the most rational thing to do is to get metaphysical.

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Not everyone gets it

Maybe your career is on fire, but your relationship is a mess.

Or you’re stuck dating the same person, over and over again.

Maybe you’re just overwhelmed with life — a sick parent, office drama, a depressed spouse, those moms at your kid’s school.

Maybe you just don’t know what the hell you want.

You barely have time to do your laundry, let alone find your true path, whatever that is.

I’ve been there. Crisis is my jam.

So is astrology. I use it to connect you to yourself, the people you love — and the reason you’re here.

i have a knack for bringing order to chaos and empowering people to use their gifts.

let me help you.



his isn't your average woo-woo here. This is next level.

Here's why: I was a professional cynic for a long time. A journalist for a major metropolitan newspaper. Seriously.

I started my career trying to debunk astrologers, ayahuascha guides, Metallica's life coach and beloved gurus of all stripes.

Eventually I had my own breakdown/breakthrough. I decided that my life made more sense when I gave up my voracious appetite for FACTS and sought out TRUTH instead.

I became a closet astrologer who cast the charts before every celebrity interview to help guide my questions. Worked like a charm.

For the last five years, though, I've been using astrology to help people like you. The results have kind of blown my mind.


you’re in the right place


"Great to work with you! The team really enjoyed the experience. Thank you and I hope to work together again soon!"

NBC Senior Vice President


"My partner and I have been making leaps and bounds in our relationship and learning more everyday about each other and what it takes to be successful within our union. I don’t think ANY of what we are learning and moving through would have been able to happen if it weren’t for our astrology reading!”"

Massage Therapist

"Everything we talked about came to pass.
I am so happy, and you were instrumental in laying out the path."

Huffington Post Executive


"It’s as though she’s reading my deepest thoughts and giving me guidance among the most intangible. Too many times to count an event occurred very close to how Gina suggested it would happen."

Former Hulu Marketing Executive


"You’ve helped me more than you know. For all the kicks in the gut the universe gives us, it also seems to give us what and WHO we need to get through it. I’m so grateful to have met you."

Law Partner