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It sounds counterintuitive, but my years as a journalist (see led me directly to astrology.   

I pitched a story about fortune-tellers and got a dozen different readings. The astrologers blew my mind. I was hooked.

After 20 years studying on my own, I finally got certified in natal astrology in 2014 by the masters at Kepler College — Georgia Stathis, Carol Tebbs and Karen McCauley, among them. 

Now, I host astrology events in Los Angeles and Nashville, Tennessee and consult one-on-one with clients around the world.

As a journalist, I gathered an enviable breadth of experience. As an astrologer, I'm finally able to use it to help people.

Astrology, as I use it, instills empowerment, self-awareness and meaning into our lives. Many times, that’s all we really need.