Your Reading

Photo by Annie Colbeck

Photo by Annie Colbeck




One Half-Hour




Before we talk, I need your birth day, exact time, year and location. You tell me what you'd like to address in the reading and I draw up a series of charts that will help answer your questions. Clients have asked me to help time a wedding and guide a new business launch. Others wanted insight into their child's personality. Some just wanted to understand themselves a bit more.

We can address a very specific question, or cover an overview of opportunities and challenges in the year ahead. I'm a realist and an optimist. I am not, however, a fortune teller. You are the master of your own destiny. Astrology is best used as a navigation system. I can guarantee that you'll leave with clarity, perspective and confidence.


Group Readings




Join a light-hearted evening of wine and snacks, hosted in a casual, comfortable setting. After Gina Piccalo's 20-30 minute Powerpoint presentation forecasting the month’s coming trends, each participant gets a 10-minute mini-reading.